Top 5 Tips For Being On-The-Go With Your Dog

dog traveling in carTraveling with your dog has become so much more acceptable in the last few years.

It used to be, about the only place you could take your dog with you is if you went camping, and even then, not all campgrounds accepted dogs.

Now there are pet-friendly hotels, resorts, stores, and even restaurants that not only tolerate, but welcome, your furr-kids.

But taking your dog with you, whether a quick jaunt to the grocery store, or on an extended vacation, means you need to plan for things in advance, almost as much as if you had a child with you.

While a trip to the grocery store may not need you to bring along extra food and water, you do need to ensure your dog will not get too hot while you are away from the car. They essentially need to be treated like children who cannot speak.

When traveling, you need to think in advance about what they can eat, and where. You need to make sure they do not get too hot while in the car, and that they can have fresh water whenever they need it.

They will also need to be given a break from driving to stretch their legs and relieve themselves (they can't yell “I'VE GOT TO GO' like our humans kids).

They need to be secure in a car, so as to not distract the driver and possibly cause an accident.

They also need to be secured so that, in the awful event that there is an accident, they sustain as little injury and do not run away.

Top 5 Tips Extended Traveling With Your Dog

  1. Make a pet traveling kit, including vaccination records, food, water, bowl, leash, plastic bags to pick up waste, and any medication your dog is taking.
  2. Bring a favorite toy or pillow to give your dog something familiar in the constantly changing surroundings.
  3. Ensure your dog is wearing a collar with contact information. If you are traveling, make sure it has your cell phone or destination phone number listed!
  4. While our dogs LOVE to stick their head out the window, treat your dog just like your child and make sure they are properly restrained in the car. This can be a specially designed dog safety harness, a crate, or restraint barrier. This not only helps keep them safer in an accident, but prevents them from running off as well.
  5. Never leave your dog in the parked car alone. Heat quickly builds up in a car causing heat-stoke, while the cold air makes a car act like a freezer. The best option, if your dog cannot come with you, is to have another person be in charge while you are gone.