Carrier Bags

dog carrier bags can be stylishThere are so many different styles and designs of dog carrier bags, that trying to pick the right one becomes overwhelming. The first decision that will help you in picking out the perfect small dog carrier bag is whether you want one that is airline approved, one that can convert into a vehicle restraint,or whether you are simply interested in one to stylishly carry around your cute little baby.

Airline Approved Dog Carrier Bags

These carrier bags are of the correct dimensions to be considered carry-on luggage and fit under the seat in front of you. Of course, you will always need to check with your airlines prior to ensure that you are in compliance, but dog carrier bags that are entitled airline approved past the majority of airline regulations. Go to our compiled list of the Top Airline Approved Dog Carrier Bags.

Dog Car Restraint/Carrier Bags

These bags are designed to easily be used as a way to restrain your dog in a vehicle. While many pet owners don't think twice about securing small dogs, thinking only large one need to be secured, this couldn't be further from the truth. Small dogs can get injured, and even cause accidents, every bit as much as larger dogs. If you love your dog, you should always have them restrained in the car, just like your children. These types of dog carrier bags look like a box-shaped purse. While you can easily tote your dog around using a shoulder strap, it also have an inside tether and seat belt connectors to easily provide your dog with safety in the car. Go to our compiled list of the Top Vehicle Dog Carrier Bags.

Designer Dog Carrier Bags

Probably the most popular dog accessory, there are literally tons of different designer and fashion dog carrier bags. From zebra and giraffe prints blinged out pink and purple carrier bags, this is a very popular way to tote your special baby with you. Look for bags with a zippered top opening and a side opening. There should also be mesh windows, both so your dog can look out while inside and so they have plenty of fresh air. Designer dog carrier bags are typically only large enough for toy and teacup sized dogs, or small puppies. Go to our compiled list of the Top Designer Dog Carrier Bags.

Cheap Dog Carrier Bag

Some of us aren't looking to make style fashions with cute dog carrier bags, but are looking for a good quality, cheap dog carrier bag. And many of these exist, where function is more important than style. We like to think of them as basic dog carrier bags - they just happen to be cheaper because they aren't 'special' - and more of a bargain! When looking for a cheap dog carrier bag, reviews should play even a bigger role. When people find flimsy products that don't last long, they will write reviews to tell others of their displeasure. Which is why if you find something rated very high, it is probably a great product, as more people will take the time to write a negative review more so than a positive review. Go to our compiled list of the Top Cheap Dog Carrier Bags.