Car Travel With Your Dog

Different Ways To Travel With Your Dog In The Car


As our dogs become more a part of our family, we find that we are taking them, or wanting to take them, with us when we leave home. This can be for a quick trip to the store or on a long vacation.


And most dogs love going on trips with us. There are a few that get car sick or nervous when traveling, but the majority will start wagging their tails and waiting in anticipation as soon as we mention going bye-bye with them.


But traveling in the car with our dogs isn't quite as easy as it sounds. They can be very loud, jump around, and just plain messy, with dog hair and dirt being deposited just about everywhere. Which is why there are several devices that can make traveling in the car with your dog so much easier, and many times much safer as well.


 You have 6 options:


Dog Car Seats Seat Harnesss Dog Barriers
dog in car seat dog in car in harness dog in car with barrier




Soft-Sided Carrier Hard Plastic Wire Cages
Bergan soft sided dog carrier hardsided dog travel crate wire car barrier for dogs

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