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Are You Using The Right Dog Bike Carrier

Are You Using The Right Dog Bike Carrier?


The right dog bike carrier is a must when bicycling with your dog.

It can be great fun as well as terrific exercise, but, if not probably restrained, this fun outing can turn into a disaster quickly.

We all think we know our dogs well, and that they would never jump out of a basket on our bikes, but depending upon what their internal drive is like, they may see something that catches their attention.

It is hard for dogs to understand the dangers to them if they jump out of a moving vehicle, including a bike.

Some people think putting their dog in a regular basket on their bike is just fine. But they really should consider a special bike dog carrier basket that will keep their pet closely tethered so they can't fall out or jump out.


There are two types of bicycle dog carrier: a trailer and a basket carrier.

A dog bike trailer is an enclosed device that attaches behind the bike and makes it extremely easy to transport large dogs. These are the safest devices for transporting dog on a bicycle, however, they also take up the most room and are more expensive.

Certain things to think about when getting a dog bike trailer is what kind of terrain you will be riding on, what kind of weather, how the dog is restrained in the trailer, and how the trailer attaches to your bike.

See here to see what to look for in a trailer and for a list of the Top Dog Bike Trailers.

A dog bike basket can be attached either in front of the handlebars or directly behind the seat of the bicycle.

These are much smaller and less expensive than dog bike trailers, but can only safely transport dogs less than 25 lbs. Any larger than that, and it could be dangerous both for you and your dog.

Things to think about for the right bike dog carrier basket is the size and weight of your dog, where you want to attach the basket (in front or behind), how the basket attaches to the bike, and how comfortable it will be for your dog.