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Dog Safety in the Car

There are many different kinds of safety devices specially designed for dogs to keep them safer in your car while they travel with you.The majority of us travel with our dogs in the car on a rather regular basis.

There are 4 main types of dog restraint systems available – crates, car safety harnesses, dog car seats, and barriers.

Crates can be hard or soft sided, but should have some way to secure them to the car so they don't slide around or come crashing on passengers in the event of an accident.

Car safety harnesses are specially designed to be a car seat belt for your dog. The harness goes over your dog's torso and is secured to the car using a seat belt. Just like a seat belt for humans, this device will keep your dog in the seat in the event of a crash. This also restricts their movement in the car, which makes for a safer environment, especially for the driver.

Dog car seats come in many varieties and are basically a box your dog sits in. The dog car seat is secured to the seat and then your dog is secured with a short tether to the dog car seat. These are usually very plush inside for an extremely comfortable ride, and many are elevated so small dogs can see out the window. Dog car seats are typically only used for small dogs, less than 15 pounds.

Lastly, for SUV's and vans, dog barriers are a way to keep your dog in the back. While this helps to keep them out of the driver and other passengers way, it is the least secure option in the event of an accident, although for large dogs, it is the best option. Your dog could still be tossed around and injured, but is better than the dog being completely free in the car.

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Dog Safety And Bicycling

Many pet owners love taking their dog with them bicycling. However, not all dogs can run as far or as long as you may like.

Using a dog bike carrier is the perfect way to allow your dog the pleasure of getting outside with their favorite person in the world.

Bike baskets are great for smaller dogs, while trailers allow for larger dogs or multiple dogs to come along for the ride.

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Dog Safety in Airplanes

Airlines make it much simpler for us to figure out how to transport our dog – they must be in an approved hard sided crate.

It is best if you get a tranquilizer from your vet for your dog, as being in the crate and handled by baggage handlers can be very stressful for any dog.

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Entry/Exit Assist for the Car

Portable stairs and ramps come in very handy in several situations.

As large dogs get older, it may be harder, and even dangerous, for them to jump in and out of your vehicle. If their joints are already painful, it may be hard to jump up and very painful to jump down. Stairs can even be hurtful for their joints.

Luckily, there are several ramps on the market that make it much easier for your dog to get in and out of your car.

Small dogs can equally have problems getting into and out of your car. Jumping up that high just may be out of some dogs capability.

While many people have no problem picking up these small dogs and putting them in the car, the elderly and disabled people may be unable to do this easily, but still want their companions to go with them.

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Supplies for Traveling With Dogs

There are also many items that can make your dog's time traveling more enjoyable and help them if they have certain health problems.

Of course you need at least one leash, dog waste bags to pick up after your dog, food, medications, bowls, and water.

Your dog may appreciate a couple of opportunities to have some fresh water while traveling. There are collapsible bowls, and even a bowl for water that will not spill in the car!

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Calming Dogs While Traveling

Depending upon how well your dog travels, you may need to see your vet for some mild tranquilizers.

However, there are also several natural ways to help ease your dog's travel anxiety.

Pressure wraps, such as the Thundershirt for dogs, help relieve stress using pressure points.

Dog pheromones can also help induce a calm state for nervous traveling dogs.

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As you can see, when traveling any distance with your dog you need to think ahead and plan accordingly. It can pretty much be compared to traveling with an infant. You need to figure out what they need and when they need it. And of course there are many devices that just help making traveling easier for you and your favorite companion.